Nehemiah Conclusion: One Yielded, Many Changed.

Nehemiah Conclusion: One Yielded, Many Changed.

As we conclude the book of Nehemiah, we’re acknowledging great parallels to our lives – Brokenness and Action.  This is the last sermon in the Nehemiah Series.

Key Points:

  • Brokenness is the first step to beauty and restoration.
    • Nehemiah 1.4
  • Action is necessary.
    • 1 Samuel 3.10
    • Isaiah 6.8
    • Matthew 9.37

Questions to Ask:

  • What breaks your heart?
  • What is it about this broken world that deeply wounds your soul?

Understand what it is – it may have been placed on your heart by God so that you can minister to people.


Let’s commit to…

  • …allow our heart to break over what breaks God’s heart.
  • …allow our brokenness to push us into service.
  • …lean into that brokenness, recognizing that painful area may be God-ordained.

Until we live amongst the broken we can offer no solutions, no help and no healing.


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