Nehemiah's Passion

Nehemiah’s Passion

Nehemiah has an extreme reaction to the sin of the nation.  He confronts those who haven’t followed God’s laws and restores the sacrifices. We’re finishing up in Nehemiah 13.23-31 this week.

Big Picture:
The process of restoration includes humility, repentance, time to heal, a commitment to spiritual growth, a heart for ministry and a lifestyle that glorifies the Lord.

Key Points:

Nehemiah’s Extreme Response was…

  • A result of anger that God’s people were not being obedient.
    • Nehemiah 13.23, 27
    • Deuteronomy 7.4
  • A result of fear that history was repeating itself.
    • Nehemiah 13.24, 28
    • Example: King Solomon
    • 1 Kings 11.1-8
  • A result of sadness for the state he found the people in.
    • Nehemiah 12.24
    • Nehemiah 1.4
  • A result of conviction that said, ‘Not on my watch.’
    • Nehemiah 13.29-30


How are we to respond to a passage of such extremes?

  • Sin is a big deal.
  • Our sins affect those who follow behind us.
  • Our sin stifles those who have discipled us.
  • Repentance is necessary.
  • Restoration is necessary.

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