Nehemiah: Endurance Under Trial

Nehemiah: Endurance Under Trial

Nehemiah’s enemies try to distract him from the work on the wall.  They repeatedly invite him away, but Nehemiah refuses.  They send messengers with false reports to try to lure him into leaving to defend himself.  Nehemiah is steadfast and stays and completes the wall.

We’re in Nehemiah 6 this week.

A few key points:

  • The enemy is persistent.  (Neh 6.4)  He’s persistent because it works.
  • The enemy is adaptable. (Neh 6.5)  Don’t get comfortable in victory.
  • The enemy is a Liar. (Neh 6.8) We must respond with truth.
  • The enemy is sneaky. (Neh 6.12) We must practice discernment and filter everything through what God wants.


What can we learn from Nehemiah in the face of trial?

  • He never isolated himself. (Example of isolation: Elijah in 1 Kings 19.3-4)
  • He reminded himself regularly of the truth.
  • He believed the task was God’s task.

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