Nehemiah: Active Knowledge

Nehemiah: Active Knowledge

Nehemiah recalls how previous governors would demand their due.  He tells how they burdened the workers and contrasts it with how he chose to run things. He then asks God to remember what he has done.

We’re in Nehemiah 5.14-19 this week.

A few key points:

  • Precedent is not license.  (Neh 5.15)
  • Fear of God results in respect of people. (Neh 5.15)
  • The Application of knowing God will result in:
    1. Love for God
    2. Love for People
    3. Doing (Neh 5.16)
  • Nehemiah’s prayer was not “God, remember what I know”. It was “God, remember what I’ve done.”

Questions to ponder:

  • Are the actions I’m taking harming others?
  • Are my thoughts reflecting God’s heart for people?
  • Is what I know reflected in what I do?

Audio Note:  There’s some static that occurs periodically during the recording.


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