The Christmas Dilemma: Shepherd & the Dilemma of Joy

The Christmas Dilemma: Shepherd & the Dilemma of Joy

We’re in Luke 2.8-20 today and we’re looking at a Shepherd and his dilemma of joy.


The shepherds were spending a normal night watching their flocks of sheep when the angel of the Lord appeared.  They were terrified – but the angel quickly turned the initial reaction of fear to an announcement of joy.  And not joy just for them – but for all peoples.

Other verses we covered today include 1 Corinthians 1.27-31 and John 10.10-11.


  • God is not looking at you with a checklist.  He’s looking at you like a Father who loves you and wants you to experience the fullness of joy.
  • God chose the lowly to hear the message first.  And He chose them to spread the message first.
  • The message is for ‘all the people’.  There’s no one that the Savior didn’t die for.  Do you believe you’re part of that group?

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