The Christmas Dilemma: Joseph & The Dilemma of Doubt

The Christmas Dilemma: Joseph & The Dilemma of Doubt

We’re in Matthew 1.18-25 today and we’re looking at Joseph and his dilemma of doubt.

Joseph was a planner. Sometimes our plans are not as big as God’s purpose (Proverbs 19.21) .  Joseph heard the news that his betrothed wife, Mary, was pregnant and his plans were shattered. This wasn’t his plan. He faced a dilemma of doubt.

According to Jewish law, Joseph had rights to dissolve the marriage.  He could have had Mary prosecuted and put to death for what he perceived that she had done. However, Matthew 1.19 shows us something about who Joseph the planner also was when it came to his core.  He was both righteous and compassionate.

Matthew 1.20 says Joseph considered things.  He figured out a new plan and then decided to sleep on them.

As Joseph slept on his plans, God showed the purpose for the pregnancy and how Joseph fit into the bigger story God had all along for both Mary and Joseph. God’s purposes always stand in the end. However, the kindness and thoughtfulness of God did not leave Joseph out of the plans for the bigger purpose

Questions to ask

  • How do you approach life?  Are you a planner or are you more spontaneous?
  • Do you trust in God’s purpose even when it means changing your own plans?
  • What is your dilemma of doubt?


  • God’s plans and purpose had been patient and waiting for just the right moment to be unveiled. The Lord had been waiting to fulfill the promise foretold by Isaiah the prophet over 700 years earlier that is found in Isaiah 7:14.
  • The dream of the Lord drove out the dilemma of doubt in Joseph.
  • Don’t be afraid to pursue God’s purpose and plan when He shows you His dreams for your life.

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