Nehemiah:  Discouraged Yet Resolved

Nehemiah: Discouraged Yet Resolved

Nehemiah and the builders encounter opposition from the surrounding regions’ leaders. They become discouraged and their resolved is challenged. Nehemiah prays a brutally honest prayer to God asking for judgement of their enemies. He calls everyone to arm themselves and the work continues on the wall.

We’re in Nehemiah 4 this week.

A few key points from the sermon:

  • Our dialogue with God must be greater than our dialogue with the enemy.
  • Our resolve must outweigh our discouragement.
  • Sometimes we must slow our progress to prevent it from completely stopping.
  • We measure our effectiveness more by completion – not by how busy we are.


  • We must remember who we fight.   Ephesians 6.12
  • We must remember Satan’s desires.   1 Peter 5.8
  • We must remember it isn’t just about us.   Galatians 6.2
  • We must remember why we do it!   1 Peter 4.7-11

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