God has visited His people

God has visited His people

Guest Speaker: Jason Beedon

Who is Jesus?  When you’re praying to Him do you know who you’re talking to?

We’re in Luke 7.1-17 this week.

Big Idea:
Jesus Christ is powerful, compassionate & present.  He is worthy of our complete trust.

Key Points:

  1. Trust in Jesus Christ to handle your biggest problems. (Luke 7.1-10)
  2. Turn to Jesus Christ in your pain and grief. (Luke 7.11-13)
  3. Take in the touch of Jesus Christ in your life. (Luke 7.14-17)

Application Questions:

  • Do your prayers demonstrate faith in the power of God?
  • Can you say with the Centurion, ‘just say the word’?
  • Do your prayers reflect the fact that God is compassionate and slow to anger?
  • Would people describe you as a compassionate person?
  • Do you experience intimacy with God in your prayer life?
  • Do you regularly experience the nearness of God in your life?

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