Romans 12.3

Romans 12.3

Join Pastor Jon and the HBC Family for this week’s livestream where we’re looking at Romans 12.3.

Deacons’ Letter     Adopt a Garden

Verse 3 often gets lost but it’s an important remind to each of us.

  • Thinking of yourself improperly impacts how you see the rest of the world
  • Paul is speaking to the church – the body of Christ.
  • This goes for arrogance as well as self-deprecation.

Paul goes on to say think with sober judgement.

  • Actual growth stems from objective thought.
  • Some of this is rooted in bad theology.
  • Don’t cheapen the effect of the cross by labeling yourself incorrectly.  If you are in Christ you have a new identity.

Let’s be careful about how we view ourselves as God’s children.

  • We serve a God of second chances.
  • God can redeem your thinking if you embrace what He says.

“Measure of Faith”

  • We need to acknowledge that we are at uniquely different places in our spiritual journeys.
  • Different gifts, different abilities – all so the body can function properly.
  • Be thankful for what He has gifted you with, and use it for His glory.

The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

Colossians 3.12-14


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