Nehemiah: Timeless vs Temporary

Nehemiah: Timeless vs Temporary

The people of Israel attempt to re-establish God’s church based on the scriptures.  The find the passage of scripture which indicates Moabites and Ammonites should be excluded from the assembly. We’re in Nehemiah 13.1-3 this week.

Big Picture:
Throughout the pages of scripture we find not only timeless truths but temporary expectations.

Key Points:

  • The original command was in Deuteronomy 23.3-6.
  • The command was a response.  The people being excluded are people who had repetitively brought harm to God’s people.
  • It is as much a punishment for the Moabites and Ammonites as it is an order of protection for God’s people.
  • God’s grace still abides – Remember Ruth the Moabitess. Ruth 1.4, 2.2
  • Ruth is the great grandmother of King David and in the Genealogy of Jesus. Ruth 4.18-22; Matthew 1.1-6


  • Some of the things we read in Scripture are temporary expectations.
  • Contrast those with the timeless truth woven throughout the Bible from beginning to end.

Remember – We too were enemies of God, alienated from Him, yet now reconciled back to Him through Jesus death on the cross. (Colossians 1.21-23)



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