Nehemiah: Restoration

Nehemiah: Restoration

Nehemiah continues restoring the temple and Sabbath practices.  We’re starting in Nehemiah 13.10-22 this week and reflecting on Psalm 51.

Big Picture:
The process of restoration includes humility, repentance, time to heal, a commitment to spiritual growth, a heart for ministry and a lifestyle that glorifies the Lord.

Key Points:

The process of restoration:

  • Humble Submission (Psalm 51.1)
    • 1 Peter 5.5-6
    • Matthew 23.12
  • A Repentant Heart (Psalm 51.2-9)
    • Matthew 3.8
  • A Time of Healing (Psalm 51.10-13)
    • 1 Peter 5.10
  • Commitment to Spiritual Growth (Psalm 51.12b)
    • Colossians 2.6-7
  • A Heart for Ministry (Psalm 51.13)
    • 2 Corinthians 11.30
    • 2. Corinthians 12.9
  • A Lifestyle that Glorifies the Lord (Psalm 51.14-19)
    • Matthew 5.14-19


  • Repentance = A Change of Heart or a Change of Mind.
  • True repentance bears fruit.
  • Healing takes time.
  • Sustained spiritual growth comes from a reliance on God, His Word and His people.
  • A consistent lifestyle is what demonstrates true repentance and true humility.
  • A changed life speaks for itself.

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