Nehemiah: Here I Stand

Nehemiah: Here I Stand

Nehemiah and the leaders sign a document saying they will take care of the house of the Lord.  We’re in Nehemiah 10 this week.

Big Picture:
It’s a ‘Here We Stand’ moment – three areas of discipline that we need to practice; This is what we believe – This is how we’re going to live.

Key Points:

  • How I live (Nehemiah 10.29)
    • My worldview will be directed by the things of God.
    • My allegiance is to the Lord and His Commandments.
    • How can you base your worldview on the Bible when you don’t read it?
  • Where I am (Nehemiah 10.31)
    • Where I spend my time says a lot about what I prioritize.
    • We need people in the church to minister to us.
  • What I prioritize (Nehemiah 10.32-33, 39)
    • Prioritize stewardship – what we have is from the Lord.
    • Find ways to serve your neighbor.


  • Accountability is important.
  • My worldview can’t be influenced by things that I don’t spend time in.

How are you doing in these areas?

  • How are you living?
    • What drives what comes out of your mouth?
    • What drives your decisions?
    • Is it an overwhelming conviction that God’s Word is true?
  • Where are you?
    • Are you where you need to be as God’s child?
    • Or have you alienated yourself from people who can challenge, encourage, hold you up and help you be who you are in Christ?
  • What are your priorities?
    • Are you prioritizing generosity?
    • Can you back up what you say you are with how you really live?

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