Last Words of Christ: The Disciples & the Donkey

Last Words of Christ: The Disciples & the Donkey

It’s Palm Sunday and we’re celebrating Jesus’ triumphal entry with some Baptisms!  We’re also looking at Matthew 21.1-11 and the two disciples who were tasked with trusting Jesus when he told them to get him a donkey.

Key Scriptures:

  • Luke 23.46
  • Matthew 27.50-61
  • Matthew 28.1-8

A lot happened all because Jesus trusted and put His life in the hands of His Heavenly Father.

Jesus’ final words were:

  • A bold declaration.
  • A confident declaration.
  • A public declaration.
  • Declaring that God the Father would do what was best.


As we enter a season that was the ultimate test of trust for Christ followers…

  • What are you not trusting God with?
  • Is there something you need to lay at the cross?
  • A person you need to forgive?
  • Do you have a habit you need to kick?
  • A heart issue you need the great Physician to fix?

Jesus did enough!   God is still good!


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