The Last Words of Christ: The Resurrection

The Last Words of Christ: The Resurrection

Happy Easter!  Today we celebrate the Risen Savior! We’re listening to James the lesser and the account of Mary Magdalene in John 20.1-18.

Key verses:

  • John 20.1-18
  • John 19.25
  • Matthew 27.57-61

Things to remember:

  • Brokenness prepares us for dependence. We must realize we are not able in order to then run into the arms of the One Who is Able.
  • Jesus shows up and surprises people in their deepest valleys:
  • John 11.1-45 – Raising Lazarus
  • John 8.1-11 – Adultress forgiven
  • John 4.1-43 – Woman at the well
  • Luke 7.11-17 – Raising the Widow’s son
  • Luke 23.39-44 – Dying Convict Forgiven


  • Jesus often shows up and shows off His power in the darkest of days.
  • Jesus knows you by your name. You were created for relationship.
  • The message of the Gospel is less concerned with your past and more concerned about your present redemption and future glorification.



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