Nehemiah: Rise Up & Build

Nehemiah: Restoration is More than a Wall

The people gather to hear Ezra read the book of the Law. Ezra blessed the people and they bowed down to worship the Lord. The leaders made sure the people understood what was being read to them.  They then celebrated the feast of booths according to the Law.

We’re in Nehemiah 8.1-18 this week.

Big Picture:
True restoration of God’s people will not happen apart from God’s Word.

Key Points:

  • The Word of God was to take a central place all the time.
  • God’s Word was available to everyone – men, women & children.
  • Reading of the Word resulted in:
    • Worship (Neh 8.6):  The word of God reveres.
    • Brokenness (Neh 8.9): The word of God reveals.
    • Celebration (Neh 8.10,12):  The word of God reminds.
    • Serving (Neh 8.10,12):  The word of God refocuses.


  • Be a student of God’s Word.
  • Don’t alienate yourself from God’s people.
  • Remember:
    • Worship done together
    • Conviction/Brokenness done together
    • Celebration done together
    • Serving done together

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