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Beatitudes, Part 4: Meek Isn't Weak (Blessed are the Meek)

We are focused on Matthew 5.5 this week and learning about how the gentle (meek!) are blessed.  Keep in mind though, the word ‘gentle’ isn’t necessarily the best translation of the word ‘Praupathia’ (from the Greek root word ‘praus’).  Listen and discover the differences and how meekness reflects a greater, quiet strength. Focus Text: Matthew 5.1-12 Key Verse: Matthew 5.5 Key Points Gentleness (Meekness)  in scripture Proverbs 15.1 Galatians 5.22-23 Lost in translation – Meek isn’t weak! Matthew 11.28-30 Matthew 21.5 1 Timothy 6.11 From the Greek word ‘Praupathia’ the root word of which is......

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