Thanksgiving frames how you live.

Thanksgiving frames how you live

We’re taking a break from Romans to be thankful as we come into the Thanksgiving holiday.  Join us in Colossians 4.2-6 as Paul reminds us to be thankful.

Key Passage: Colossians 4.2-6

Key Points:

  • If you train your mind to look for reasons to be thankful, you will find them.  Likewise if you train your mind to look for reasons to be bitter.
  • Pray with awareness rooted in thanksgiving.
    • Keeping alert – 1 Peter 5.8
    • Attitude of thanksgiving 1 Thessalonians 5.17-18
  • Because we are thankful we are aware that every situation is an opportunity.
    • The heart that isn’t thankful views every situation as an obstacle.
  • Because it is an opportunity for God to be revealed, we are to conduct ourselves properly.
    • With Wisdom
    • With grace – 1 Peter 3.15


A life of thanksgiving drives us to see God for who He is… what He has done… how blessed we are… and fills us with a desire to share the gospel with others.


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