Even though we can’t meet physically, it’s good to gather together online to hear Pastor Jon preach the word.  This week we’re looking at the concept of preparation.

Preparation 4-19-20

Posted by Hartland Bible Church on Sunday, April 19, 2020

  • Matthew 27
  • Luke 23.54
  • Genesis 2.1-3
  • Exodus 20.18-21
  • Psalm 51

Why was the day of preparation important?

  • It allowed the Sabbath to be distraction free.
  • It allowed people to prepare to hear from God.

Ask yourself, How might my life change if I lived this way? What if we followed the actions of John the Baptist as written in Mark 1.1-8? Where we prepared the way of the Lord as in Isaiah 40.3?

What would it look like if we carried the spirit of expectancy? That God would show up and use us to show his glory to other people?


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