Great is Thy Faithfulness

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Today is our Annual Meeting; a time to be reminded or God’s faithfulness throughout the year and every day. We’re in Lamentations 3 today and learning about Jeremiah’s pain and journey into Hope in the Lord.

Focus Text: Lamentations 3.21-25

Key Points

  • Overview
    • Lamentations 3.1-20 – Jeremiah’s Pain & Exhaustion
    • Lamentations 3.21-39 – Jeremiah’s Hope & Root of Hope
    • Lamentations 3.40-51 – Jeremiah’s Brokenness & Call for Repentance
    • Lamentations 3.52-60 – Jeremiah’s Hope & Redemption
  • Hope is not a denial but a transformation.
    • Lamentations 3.21
    • Life is Hard; God is good.
  • God’s character becomes the focus of Jeremiah’s hope.
    • Lamentations 3.22
    • Psalm 139.13-14
  • God’s character is on display each and every day.
    • Lamentations 3.23
    • Great is His Faithfulness!
  • God is sufficient.
    • Lamentations 3.24-25
    • Psalm 73.26
    • Psalm 119.57
    • Psalm 142.5


  • Some of us need a transformation.
  • Some of us need to stop and rest in the reality of God’s lovingkindness and compassion.
  • Some of us need to look for the daily displays of God’s character.
  • Some of us need to not just say ‘God is sufficient’ but learn to lives though He is.

Questions to ask

  • Does your life declare to the world that God is sufficient?
  • Does your life declare to your children that God is enough?
  • Do you really believe in the sufficiency of God?

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