Beatitudes, Part 1: Intro

Beatitudes, Part 1: Intro

We’re starting a new sermon series on The Beatitudes this summer at Hartland Bible.  The Sermon on the Mount is widely accepted as one of the greatest speeches of all time.  It’s distinctly different from other speeches we find on ‘best speeches’ lists.  The Beatitudes are in the first part of this sermon given by Jesus.

Focus Text: Matthew 5.1-12

Key Points

  • Great speeches are calls to societal action; the message of the sermon on the mount is a call to personal transformation.
    • Proverbs 23.7
    • Romans 12.1-2
  • It is different because it was not given to the masses but was given to the few.
    • Matthew 5.1-2
    • Matthew 28.20

It doesn’t matter what the masses do – What will you do?

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