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Nehemiah’s Passion

Nehemiah has an extreme reaction to the sin of the nation.  He confronts those who...

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Nehemiah: Restoration

Nehemiah continues restoring the temple and Sabbath practices.  We’re starting in Nehemiah 13.10-22 this week...

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Nehemiah: Cleansing the Temple

Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem and finds Tobiah has been allowed to take up residence in...

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Lord, Are You the One?

Guest Speaker Jason Beedon joins us today.  We’re in Luke 7.18-35. Big Idea Discouraged and...

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Nehemiah: Here I Stand

Nehemiah and the leaders sign a document saying they will take care of the house...

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Sanctity of Life Sunday

Welcome back!  Last week we canceled services due to the snowstorm.  This week it was...

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